Weight-less Wednesday

Weightless Wednsdays


I am thrilled to share that the weight-less Wednesday actually has less weight! 🙂  I met my goal for the first month and actually exceeded it.  I am overjoyed and proud of myself.  Now my plan is to just start over each month.  Keep the little goal in front of me for the month and the big one a little farther back in my mind!  Less intimidating that way!

Last week was a little more difficult for me.  I ate out a couple of times and wasn’t at home in the security of my home where none of the “not so great choices” are available.  I did ok but improvement was needed.  I am proud of myself in regards to I passed up cake all in one day not once but three times!  Due to the 21 day challenge.  I did eat too much pizza but I handled giving my body a break one day pretty good. So all in all I’m plugging along!

Whole wheat tortillas are actually pretty good.  Beer can chicken on the grill turned in something I could eat all week in various ways.   Bananas are still a daily intake item.  Sometimes two.  I am going to have to give the plain yogurt, strawberries, and granola a break, getting burned out there.  Back to oatmeal for breakfast and now I throw in one of those bananas I like so much!

I have started to journal periodically on my fitbit.com dashboard.  I think this will help me when I reflect back at the end of the week!

Do you have any good simple healthy recipes you’d care to share with me?  (I’m don’t care for fish.)

Since I met my monthly goal, I will be heading out to buy some new workout pants! 🙂

Grace is a gift,





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