Why Pushing Forward with Grace

This is my first post here at Pushing Forward with Grace.  To be honest, I feel like I am cheating.  Like I am cheating on my other blog.  The one I have had for almost two years and dearly love. The one that encompasses my family, our farm life, and snippits of my faith.

But I received a challenge from a friend and I truly needed somewhere to express ME! This lovely little blog was created just for me. (Ok, not really just for me, because the entire world could see it if they wanted to.)  But it will be things that I want to write about, which come from my thoughts, which means alot of things.  For instance it could be funny, enticing, or random, God inspired, or darker than most might like.   People I know and don’t know will probably get glimpses of me that they will be shocked about or they might say “oh that’s why she is like that!”  But it’s all good.  One thing is going to happen for sure.  I will write daily.

A few little things we like over here at Pushing Forward with Grace:

We love comments ALOT! It creates connections.  Connections are awesome!

We admire respect in people and we will respond in such a manner.

We like joy but take the heart aches too, so feel free to share if you need to.

We love it when you share our posts.

We think you should click the follow button on our main page to be sure to get our daily postings!  364 days of the unknown, who wouldn’t love that? 🙂

To learn more about why I created this blog and me, just click this link.

Grace is a gift,






2 thoughts on “Why Pushing Forward with Grace

  1. I am always up for 364 days of the unknown! Cheating on your other blog…yep. That’s a good way of putting it. This one though. This one is intriguing. I’m okay with dark because I know that you know from whence The Light comes. Blessings dear friend on this new adventure! Love!


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