One Book

Psalm 8:2

“Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.”

 This is part of the verse I was to read with my daily devotion recently.  I took the time in my study bible to actually read the meaning and explanation of the verse. I’m glad I did, I never realized what it really meant. 

 It states in the Lutheran Study Bible:

 “babies and infants….established strength, God’s majesty and glory are found throughout the created order.

 It states in the Lutheran Study Bible (Page 852) :

 “By infants He does not mean young children who cannot talk… but plain, simple, unsophisticated people, who are like infant children in that they set aside all reason, grasp, and accept the Word with simple faith and let themselves be led and directed by God like children. Such people are also the best scholars and pupils in Christ’s kingdom.  “Children should be constantly urged and moved to honor God’s name and to have it always upon their lips for everything that may happen to them.” (LC170)

When I read this, it sparked something within me.  Interest and surprise at the simplicity of what it says.  If I had not read the study notes, I would have always thought God meant small children – literally.

 I was inspired to review the notes because we have a couple long time Lutheran ladies in our bible study that go to that area when we are talking.  It was an example I am glad after two years I finally decided to try!  Yep, I can be a slow on occasion!

 Knowledge of the bible, I am far from knowing it all, but I am much farther ahead now at 43 than I ever have been.  I also feel closer to God, my friends, more confident in life, and less scared.  There’s something to say for that. 

Who knew one book could make so much difference in a life!

 So why shouldn’t we share the word?  If it’s impacted my life so very much, why am I so hesitant to open my mouth and share the Word more? That my friends will be for another post! 

Is there a verse that you have learned something new from you didn’t expect to?  Is there one you would like to recommend for me and others to review?

 Grace is a gift,


 God's Glory


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