What motivates you?

This little tiny thing has become my closest companion as of recent.

It pushes me to get off my rear-end and move.

It brings out a bit of the competitor that lies dormant most of the time  in me.

It gives me good reason to turn up my music and jam out.


It’s a good thing.  It’s a much needed thing.  It’s awesome how I can sync it to my phone and computer.  How I can monitor my water intake and( in the future) and  food intake.  I’m starting slow, because I need to conquer one thing at a time folks! If I get too overwhelmed, failure will occur!

When I went looking for a new pedometer, I didn’t plan on buying an expensive one.  This one was about $55.00.  I splurged on myself and got it because most of the reviews I read on pedometers, this was the best middle of the road one.

At this point I’m pleased. (And no, the makers of Fitbit are not paying me to say that.)  Just my own opinion.

The best part, of this entire adventure to get moving more is that I have a few friends that are also working with pedometers.  It’s so great to have support!

So! What motivates you?  Whether it is to become healthier physically or mentally or just conquer something!  Let’s share what improves our lives?  Can’t wait to hear your comments!

Grace is a gift,



12 thoughts on “What motivates you?

  1. Honestly, competition motivates me! LOL I’m a swimmer, so I still compete and I started doing triathlons last year. But I definitely have to have something on the calendar to get me going! I would love a workout buddy, but those aren’t easy to come by either!


  2. Me and a few of my co-workers just started a health & wellness committee in the office. We’re all using pedometers to track our progress and reach a combined goal – walking 1000 miles in 30 days (there’s a big group of us!). I haven’t started using mine yet (our 30-day challenge starts next week), but I’m looking forward to it. The company didn’t spring for Fitbits, we’re using cheaper ones, but if this works out I may invest in one myself. I’m hoping this walking challenge will motivate me to get my butt back in the gym! It’s been a while, pray for me, lol 🙂


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