Are bloggers writers?

Are bloggers writers


What is your opinion on the title of today’s post?

See, when I think of a writer I think of someone that sits in a stoic office, at a big desk, with glasses upon their nose, and typing away.  Or perhaps in a cottage, near the beach, with the beautiful breeze blowing through while they write away!

I know, that’s somewhat crazy.  A writer can write anywhere at anytime, especially these days with the digital resources available.  You know, on a tablet, ipad, computer, phone, or good ol’ paper!  On the subway, at Starbucks or McDonalds, backyard, beach, library, or car!  Your choice!

I normally use my laptop or a notebook (paper).  Wow.  Did I just call myself a writer?

I have never written a book, I don’t even read a large amount of books.  I did do alittle poem writing in middle school and high school, but what teen girl doesn’t put their heartaches into words on paper? Alot of my ideas occur while being with family, experiencing something emotional, or while in the bathroom putting on makeup for the day. I know that last one is wierd isn’t it?

I have never considered myself  a writer.

I found at the definition of a writer.

writ·er                              noun

1.a person engaged in writing books, articles, stories, etc., especially as an occupation or profession;an author or journalist.
2.a clerk, scribe, or the like.
3.a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writingan expert letter writer.
4.(in a piece of writing) the author (used as a circumlocution for “I,” “me,” “my,” etc.): The writerwishes to state….
5.a person who writes or is able to writea writer in script.
Well, #1 is out, I don’t get paid to blog.
#2, I don’t think I am that either.
#3, I think that first part might classify me as one. Hum….
#4, I can write.
SO,  I fall into a couple of those definitions. That’s interesting to me.  I have read some other blogger’s stuff and I am telling you, I am far from being as good as them.  It’s amazing how well some people can eloquently put together words.  I love it. It’s so inspiring and if one isn’t careful they could be online reading blogs all day!
I’m interested in your opinion. Really I am!
Are bloggers writers? Share with me your thoughts please!
Can I add that to my list of “things I do?”
Grace is a gift,

4 thoughts on “Are bloggers writers?

  1. I have a hard time with this one because I think that even people who have their names on hardcover, hold in your hand, editions are people I would not consider writers. Honestly, it’s usually celebrities I take issue with because much of what I have seen (especially in the areas of children’s literature) is that books sell, not because they are well written, but because their authors are big names who will get big attention and no matter what is actually on the page, publishers know that with big names, come big money.
    Can you tell I’m a little passionate about this one?
    We teach kids that there are infinite ways to express themselves through writing, even down to making lists. I think for a writer to be a writer though, whether in their own mind, or in the minds of their readers, it is helpful if it is something done regularly in an effort to fine tune a particular project or the craft itself.
    Ok, I think I could do pages on this one…I’m done! Blessings on your Friday!


    1. Heather,

      I was pretty sure you would chime in on today’s post! 🙂 Which is great! Yes I “read” your passion! I love it! Thanks for commenting! I like what you said and I probably should now go change my visual that says author to blogger! 🙂 LOL Glory to you today! Julie


      1. No! You missed the part that said, “something done regularly to fine tune…the craft itself.” I’m just snooty. Don’t mind me…But this does bring back memories of a trip to the pool with our family and the author we met there. A story for next weekend perhaps. 🙂


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