Won’t You Pray With Me

I was cleaning up my other blog and found this in my drafts.  It was written last year but never published.  I think it was waiting for a new home, and I think it fits here at Pushing Forward With Grace pretty well! 🙂  Enjoy!


I believe prayer is one of the key components to living.  I haven’t always been so insightful, but in the past few years my knowledge has grown.  In fact, whether it be a joyful or crisis type event, prayer is essential in my life.

I remember when the power of prayer really become more visual to me.  In a congregation I once belonged to, there was a member (female) that was sharing her story about the power of prayer.  She was having difficulty with becoming pregnant or with the pregnancy I don’t recall exact details.  I think because I was so enamored by her expression and passion about sharing the difference it makes in life I was moved.  She stated she asked other ladies of the church to pray around her in a room many years before.

Another time I had a friend that was struggling in her marriage, she called me, I called some ladies of the church.  We gathered.  We listened and we prayed around her.

Prayers are always answered.  Perhaps not exactly as we would like them but they are still answered.

The image of several individuals coming together, holding hands possibly or laying them on a person, is something I find intriguing.  Something I find helpful. Something I find as a treasure.

I presume I could call my close knit Christian faith friends to come and gather around me,  if I requested it.  Then again, perhaps they aren’t comfortable in that situation.  But they could pray for me or others in a quiet subtle way as well.

Ever since my Monday night bible study,  I have been having this little thought poke in my head periodically.  In the past couple years,  I have felt a change within myself in regards to not only prayer, but other things.  The prayer part of it is , I pray throughout the day.  Just little prayers for strength, courage, thankfulness,etc.  It’s a good thing folks!

After the study, I realized that I’ve been praying less during my days in the past six months.  The reasons are worthless as to why, because honestly, it makes me a better individual when I do it.

Whether it is for a family member, a collegue, a friend, or myself, it’s essential for me to be a better person.  To accomplish this, I must pray daily and in the Word.
Sometimes others need prayers. Sometimes I need prayers myself.   Either way, taking the few minutes to say them  makes a difference.

Won’t you join me  today and pray.  Take the time to just say little prayers throughout the day.  Come back and let me know how it went.

Grace is a gift,





2 thoughts on “Won’t You Pray With Me

  1. My sister-in-law used to leave post it notes around her house. She would have lists of names on them and I thought at first they were just friends that she needed to call or write, until I say Osama BinLaden listed on one of her notes. I asked her about it and she said they were people she would remember to pray for when she saw the notes. I have yet to put this into practice, but thank you for bringing it to mind once again!


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