Family Dynamics- Follow the Arrows

Family Arrows



I wanted to have alittle fun with you all in our post today.  Can you follow the arrows and figure out our family?


Let me give you a run down of ages from left to right.


The Littlest lady #1, she’s 3.

The next lovely lady is 26.

The middle lovely lady is 6.

And the one on the end, that’s me, she’s 43.

Sometimes, when we are out and about together, people may try to figure out how we are related.  Occasionally they think that the little lady I’m holding is the 2nd ladies daughter , or that the two little ladies are sisters.  When in reality, the one with the glasses is only 3 years older than the littlest and is her Aunt.  My personal favorite is when someone thinks that the 2nd lady is my sister, not my daughter! 🙂 She loves that too…. NOT!


Here’s a breakdown for you, in case it was confusing!

From left to right!

Little Lady #1 is the daughter of Lady #2.

Lady #2 is my oldest daughter, and sister to Lady #3.

Middle little lady is sisters with Lady #2 and Daughter to me and Aunt to Little lady #1.

I’m Mother to the two middle girls (20 years apart) and Grandmother to Little lady #1.


Got it?

Oh here let me throw one more in…….. There’s another daughter…… of mine,  she’s on the far left in this photo!

Girls & me

Just some fun today folks!


Grace is a gift,




5 thoughts on “Family Dynamics- Follow the Arrows

  1. I think I get it. You had your first daughter 20 years before your baby. Cool! My mother was pregnant with her tenth at the same time her first was pregnant with her first son and my mothers first grand child. They looked like sisters not mother daughter. Sooooo. I get it. Don’t i?


    1. Yep Chris. You got it! Although I didn’t deliver my youngest myself, she is adopted but just the same a glorious gift from God! 🙂 My mother’s family sounds similar to your mothers. They had 13 children in all! I think I will stick with my 3! 🙂 Happy Week my dear!


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