Game Nights

So how many of you have a “Game Night” in your home?

For some reason, it usually ended up Tuesday’s were our game night.  I have no idea why it was Tuesday. But that’s the way it rolled in our house.

Unfortunately, we got away from playing board games and cards with our youngest the past few months.  This weekend we kicked it back into gear though!  THAT made this Momma happy!

I especially like Go Fish.  But I’m picky.  I like the smaller cards, more like the size of a regular deck of cards.  We have one set that fits this criteria.  It’s missing one 4 of a kind and we had to use another card for an 8, but hey it works!  I have searched and searched for just average Go Fish cards this size. Only to my demise, I find large decks or they have some character from who knows what cartoon I dislike on them.

I like the togetherness that game playing brings to our family.  My older daughters also enjoy board games.  I recall my oldest loved Monopoly, and the last time we had a family gathering my middle daughter brought Hi Ho Cherry O to play with the kiddos.  🙂

Growing up I recall more card games being played.  Either Pitch or Pinochle or my Dad’s favorite Poker.  As a child, my favorite card game was called Dinger!  I know, weird name.  No clue where it came from, it’s basically like Uno.  Only you use regular cards.

So here is where I request your participation.  What is your favorite game to play?  It can be either as a child or an adult!  Can’t wait to see all the answers! Looking forward to finding some new games for our family!
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8 thoughts on “Game Nights

  1. Rummy Royal (of course,) Ticket to Ride – but if you get the U.S. version, you don’t get train stations. You could always come up with some other token and count them as train stations though. 10 point pitch, Our kids really like Apples to Apples – this one is better in a larger group. We bought Headbands for M. last Christmas – you could totally just make this one though with just some index cards and pictures from a magazine. We like Mancala too. Hmmm. Let me think! I think I know why you did it on Tuesday nights…that was back when you had Wednesdays off right?


  2. We don’t have an official “Game Night” at our house, but our favorites are Candyland and UNO Attack when we do get something out to play. And, the grown ups usually get a 10 point pitch game going whenever we get together with Jeff’s family.The only problem is that Jeff and his brother are really good so if they get on the same team you don’t stand a chance.


    1. Alright, clearly we have missed an opportunity! How did we never know about you guys playing ten point pitch? I can handle losing…most of the time, but Seth and his brother do a little dance whenever they win. Does Jeff have a dance? I would throw a game or pay good money to see that one. 🙂 We’ll have to try UNO Attack!


  3. We don’t have an official game night but we do play lots of games. My husband and I are nerds, we prefer the online type. We play World of Warcraft and a few other online games together–seriously, it is like a date night every time we log in. I would much rather be playing a game at home with him than go spend money on dinner & a movie. With the girls, they are growing so I need to update our game stack. Right now they like Sorry and Cranium. I would love to add Monopoly and a few other classic games to their pile. Good question!


  4. Can I be honest? Game night, or just games with my kids kids WEARS ME OUT.
    I know it’s good for all of us and I do sometimes love it, but oh my goodness the TALKING required! The feelings to manage! Losing with grace?! 🙂

    My favorites are the ones that we can finish quickly- this is a less intimidating prospect than a monopoly marathon or something. (My kids are ages 3.5 to 11 so that has something to do with it too! I think this will be more fun as they get bigger!)

    Guesstures (like charades)
    Old Maid
    Minute to Win It games (google this for some great ideas!)

    Nice to meet you by the way! I’m emily from theeangeltree linkup


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