Morning Walk

What I heard.

Sound of footsteps in the dirt.

Irrigation motor running.

Birds chirping.

Water on the crop.

Quiet calm countryside.

What my view was.

Tree lines.

Sleeping homes.

Orange and purple clouds.

Worked up fields, fresh dirt displayed.

Growing crops taller than me.


My morning walks have become a lovely time for me to re-group. I normally enjoy music while I walk, but on our particular road, my smartphone doesn’t get the greatest reception.  It’s in and out continually, on this particular day, it was out more than in.  So I just took my earphones out and tried to push my way through the walk I had planned.  I’m glad I did, I decided it was more than I deserved when the walk was completed.

I spent time praying, walking, listening, and just being in the moments that had been provided for me on this side of Heaven.  It created a peaceful essence inside of me that took me through my day.  I’m grateful once again, and I pray you can find a moment or two or twenty to just relax, re-group, and spend time with our Father in Heaven today.


Grace is a gift,




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