Playdough Dinners and Waiter Dogs

One evening this week it was pure delight weather-wise.  We enjoyed supper on our covered deck and thereafter each of us were headed our separate ways.  The hubs had to go check the irrigation and then he would be back to work on some construction wood work he needed to prep.  I was venturing off to my hammock on the front porch, when I heard our six year old daughter kindly tell me to come here.  I turned, and of course asked why.  I mean I was heading to one of my favorite places to relax and ponder and you know, just be.  She explained she needed me, and I assumed she needed a playmate for awhile.  She is basically an only child since her siblings are both out of the house. So her parents end up being playmates, not a bad thing, just reality.

I headed back and she proceeded to pull the cooler from the garage and ask me what I would like to drink.  She gave me the options and I chose water, which at this point, she went and got my water cup from supper.  I sat down on the cooler and then she  showed up with a lawn chair.  The cooler was the table, I thanked her for the chair and she proceeded to offer me food options.

On this night, I chose Pizza and the little gal allowed me to pick my own toppings!  She pranced off into the garage to make it herself (she mentioned that she was the only one working.) Little gal brought me back the best playdough pizza I had ever had! I’m telling you, it was my favorite color even! YELLOW!  I had my smartphone in hand, she then brought out the fruit loop box that was headed to recycling and told me it was my phone holder.

Then the kicker….. she asks me if I would like some “lights”.  I said ok, honestly I was unsure what was coming next because it was daylight out and we were sitting in the driveway.

See the helicoptor in the photo….that’s my lights.  I like to call that ambiance.  I know it’s hard to see, but she had the red and blue lights actually on! 🙂


The girl’s establishment may not be classy or high end, but honey, she does know how to recycle and use what she has on hand!   She didn’t miss a beat!

For dessert I had several options, I chose to have brownies and ice cream.  The difficult customer I am, I requested them to be together in one dish.  She looked at me seriously with her (more than her momma likes) adult face and says politely, “they will have to be served on seperate plates”.  I said ok.  I was thinking to myself, she wants to charge me for both!

Well come to find out, when it was time to pay this is how it played out folks.

Me: “How much do I owe you?”

Child: “Let me see.”

Child: “Oh wait, it’s free.”

Me: “Free?  Why is it free.”

Child: ( with that adult face and tone) ” See, it’s free to eat here, you don’t  have to pay anything when I serve you.”

I leave you with that.

Grace is  a gift,


P.S. She must have hired our dog to help her, cause he was later being called “waiter dog” all evening!


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