Change for Children

The night before my last day at my current job and my daughter’s last day at daycare I was tucking her in and visiting like we do.

I stated  “tomorrow is kinda a big day for you and me.” She said why? I said, because it’s my last day of work and your last day at daycare. When we first told her about the job change, I also explained in minimal terms that things would change and part of that was how we spend our money. That we would be cutting back on eating out and buying things, and so forth.

She asked me, “what do you want to work?” I had to have her explain what she meant. She basically wanted to know where I wanted to work next. I told her I wasn’t sure and I planned on just spending time with her the next month, helping Dad on the farm, and cleaning up things around home. That we will see and that God will care for us. She said politely ,” if you won’t work, we won’t have money.”

So the discussion turned to how money isn’t the most important thing in the world. I used how we spent the evening for example. We had went to check our sandhill plum thicket and there were some ripe ones, so we started picking! It was one of the best times!  I then asked her what we did and then if it was fun. She said yes, and I explained that it didn’t cost us anything. It was free and it’s important to spend time with family.

She seemed satisfied with that. Now in a month or so when we are in Walmart and she wants something or wants that trip to McDonalds, she might not be so content with my response! 🙂

Change for children isn’t always easy but I think they adapt quicker than we adults do, or at least me.  I am looking forward to the future.


Grace is a gift,



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