No regrets, Just grieving.

I have seen small children grow into adults, create their own families, built lasting friendships, watched as adults turned from beginning their elderly stages to go to a place of uncertainty and unsure in this world. I have attended funerals of people I watched build families, farms, and lives they were proud of, while building my own professional life.

I treasure each one and always will. Absolutely no doubt.

I built a career from the bottom position, made my way up, and now have said good bye.  Letting go of part of who I am, part of my identity isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  Regrets.  No, just grieving.  Grieving because I actually care and love the people I have spent almost nineteen years helping, listening to, sharing about my life, laughing and sometimes crying with.  I had a post written about the underlying peace I was feeling, it will have to wait.  Today and perhaps the next couple I need to grieve. I need to process the past  years of my life.  The peace will come again, it was a good decision, just not an easy one.

Grace is a gift,



Proverbs 3 5-6


3 thoughts on “No regrets, Just grieving.

  1. You are ending the known and it is only logical that you grieve. Realizing this will help in the healing process, but you are embarking on something new, refreshing and wonderful…wonderful because you’re captured by His love. No matter what happens He goes with us into the adventure of it all. When this new life has to end you will grieve it too, but you’re richer after every experience.

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