Recent Joys

This Sunday I’m sharing my recent joys.  It’s a way for me to be reminded when I look back of special things in my life.  I’d like to share snippits with you.

My joys include:

Finding cupcakes on my desk when I arrived on my second to last day of my job.

Catching up with a youth from when I was a youth leader, it had been five years.  This girl has turned into a fabulous beautiful lady that helps in the nursing field. She’s still able to make me laugh and smile and just relax!

Receiving emails, texts, and phone calls wishing me well.

Witnessing my little girl dance with her Daddy.

Requests from friends and strangers for some homemade goodness.

Words from friends stating it’s OK to grieve.

Opportunity to pray and worship the Great I Am.

Sister time, making jam.  Two of my favorites at the same time!

Laughter and dancing and good food with friends.

Inspiring my little girl through walks in the pasture and teaching her to play solitaire.

Witnessing the new life of marriage between two people.

Having my little girl reach for my hand to hold it.

Watching two special people dance and be the only ones left on the dance floor. Because they have taken the long haul seriously – they have been married 58 years! That’s pretty awesome these days!


What joys have you recently had?  Care to share?  Please do!
Grace is  a gift,


2 thoughts on “Recent Joys

  1. Many of the same.
    Hearing the mother of a friend of Oldest Daughter’s speak of how much alike they are and how well they get along, even from a distance.
    Getting almost 12,000 steps in.
    Sticking to a schedule for my girls and having not to battle to have them do the things they are asked to do.
    Sitting an extra few minutes in the middle of the night with the youngest, knowing someday soon she won’t be falling asleep in my arms, but on her own.


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