Bits of Sunshine for My Daughters

I have three daughters that are all different and all very lovely. Don’t get me wrong, they have all tested their Mommy on one level or another, but God placed them in my care, so He must think I can deal with it! I’m raising my third and I think she will benefit the most. Thanks older daughters for the lessons! ūüôā

You have probably seen those posts about 25 Things I want my daughter or son to know from me. I decided I wanted to call my something alittle different over here. I love Yellow and I love Sunsets. So the title of this post was created.

Bits of Sunshine for my Daughters

1. Pray daily and become active in a church so you can grow in your faith and build strength. You will need this in times of both joy and sorrow.

2. It’s not ok to go to town in Pajama pants or sweat pants. Well the sweat pants would be ok but don’t make it a habit. ¬†And not ¬†those pants they sell at Walmart that look like pajama pants.

3. When you have children, read daily to them and then sit on the floor and play with them. Put the phone away, shut the tv off. You will learn alot.

4. Smile. I didn’t do this enough in my younger adult life. Just smile as you are walking or being present in life. It’s a good thing. You all have lovely smiles!

5. Do random acts of kindness without anyone knowing you are the source.

6. Spend less on material items, and make homemade items. They are treasured way more and can become heirlooms.

7. Respect your spouse. ¬†Even if you don’t agree, don’t downgrade them, I learned this the hard way. ¬†Encourage them and they will do the same.

8. Work ethic. ¬†Have it. ¬†If you don’t, even if you have an education it won’t pan out for you. ¬†Work ethic is something people respect, even in today’s world.

9. Compassion & Empathy.  Take these and build them within you.  They will create in you who you are meant to be.

10. When times are hard, and struggles are present, just remember this is the stuff that you character is created from.

11. Put your dishes away when done, don’t leave in the living room or where ever.

12. Hugs. Give and receive them as often as you can.

13. Turn the lights off when you leave a room. Seriously, it important!

14. Say Thank you and send thank you’s.

15. Laugh.  Just laugh.  You three bring much laughter to my life, thank you.

Do you have “bits of sunshine” for your kiddos? ¬†Feel free to share with us, or be sure to share with kiddos!


Grace is a gift,



5 thoughts on “Bits of Sunshine for My Daughters

  1. I’m still laughing about #2. But, it is true. That ONE time you go to town in your sweats and a ball cap is when you will run into EVERYONE you know! Great post, Julie!


  2. Seriously. Walmart and pajamas. You said it. (Guess I’ll take my Eeyore ones off and put them right back in the drawer.)
    I’m still pretty terrible with the dishes. I’ll work on it just for you.
    Wise and heartfelt advice. Good stuff!


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