Doing what we really don’t want to

There are times in our lives when we have to do things that we really don’t want to.    You know, times like when we are nice and comfy on the couch and the youngster in our home wants a drink or snack.  Or making a meal for the family after a long day at work. I’m currently sitting in a hospital waiting room, this is one of those times I’d rather be doing other things.

Making jam, listening to my youngest read to me, preparing the new peach chicken leg recipe for supper, or even the mounds of laundry.   But those things will wait, for here is where I am needed. My duty as a daughter, sitting or standing in an ICU room watching my Dad. Today he is better, today they have completed two procedures on him and plan to do one more tomorrow.

I’m sure he would rather be doing other things too. Mowing the yard, watching the birds on his patio, or viewing one of his favorite sporting events on TV.  Instead he gets to lie in a hospital bed, with a tube coming out of the side of him, people messing with him, and his family surrounded around him. I know he appreciates the last one a great deal, he always does.

In life, we aren’t ever 100% sure where we will land on any given day. We might have an idea, and that’s about  the time God will show you who is in control. 🙂  He laughs at our attempts to control our lives, I’ve grown to understand HE is in control in the past few years.  On occasion, I still like to attempt to control situations, but I’m better.  I’m glad for HIS control, for it makes me calmer and more at peace, at times like these, when I’m doing my duty as a daughter and watching a parent (or others) endure what they must.  For I know with HIM, all things are all possible.

Grace is a Gift,

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