Praying Outloud

Today I did something I have never done before with my Dad, in all my 43 years of life.

I prayed with him.

I asked him first, and he said yes, I’m so very glad he did.

I held his hand, my sister held his other.  Just us three in the hospital room.

The words were there, but I had to take a deep breath before I could speak outloud.  The emotions of this time were getting to me.  The fear, sadness, and uncertainty.  But I pulled through and although my voice was a little cracking at times I think it went OK.

I’m so very glad I could do this with my Dad.  I’m thankful that after the prayer we were able to have a conversation that brought peace back to me and gave me a precious memory to have. I am thankful the fear did not win out.  Moments like these will stay in the special box of my mind and heart.

Have you prayed with or over someone lately?  I encourage you to put that on your to do list for the week.  It’s a good thing.

Grace is a gift,


My sister took this photo this week while Dad was telling me a story of days gone by.  I'm glad. It's a keeper, his smile is great!
My sister took this photo this week while Dad was telling me a story of days gone by. I’m glad. It’s a keeper, his smile is great!

11 thoughts on “Praying Outloud

  1. This is one of the most precious moments to have with your parents. I know as children the smiles were few and far between. I just love this picture and will add it to my collection. Everytime I see him it brings up a new.. well old…memory of the feed lot…lol
    Love you all,

    Dana Kaye


  2. Julie, I. love. this. I want to say how proud of you I am (without it sounding the least bit condescending) because well, I am. I know this was a big deal for you and I know too how things like this bring you peace. “The prayer of the righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:…16 I think. In this case for him and for you!


  3. I love this, Julie! I know that this took a lot for you and how awesome is that!! A time you and your dad will never forget!! Love you, my friend!!!


  4. So beautiful! There really isn’t anything quite like praying with someone, especially when it’s not a common occurrence. I often pray for some of my siblings, but would love the chance to pray with them in person. Thank you for the reminder to not take these times for granted!


  5. I am trying to learn to do this more. It is awkward, and yet, it can be such a blessing to me and to whoever I am with. Somehow this is easier with other people than my own parents!


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