first week

This has been my first week as a stay at home Mother and not working outside the home Mother. It hasn’t quite played out how I planned, which with my personality isn’t exactly the easiest for me.

Let me give you a run down of my week.

My goal for my steps per day is slacking – I think it’s because I made a snarky remark on Facebook on my first day at home to my competitors. Currently eating crow…… somewhat not tasty!

My goal of tearing into my den/craft room and organizing our lives in there didn’t happen,  instead I have been driving an hour one way to sit by my father’s bedside in ICU.

The homemade jelly I made, two of the three batches were too runny. Not funny. It tastes delish but I can’t sell it if its running off the toast! This does not sit well with that perfection mindset.  But I will say I adjusted the recipe and the next batches came out lovely and not runny!

Time with my youngest daughter, not much. She’s been to grandmas and sissy’s. She’s had a great time, but my plan was to spend as much time with her as I could in the 27 days I had before she heads off to first grade.  She’s doing fine but I think feeling alittle lost so to speak.

My plans to fix good homecooked meals each night, only happened twice this week.  I must say though the meatloaf was really good I made and the hubs loved it!

On the days I have been home, I have had to run to town to get items or pay bills. I’m ready to just be home.  I don’t think that will occur anytime soon as I am needed elsewhere I think for awhile.  I don’t really know the plan, but this transition has been turned upside down.

Honestly though, when I am home, I feel alittle lost anyway.  This too shall pass.

Grace is a gift,



3 thoughts on “first week

  1. It’s very new. Change is difficult, even when it’s a good kind of change. Hang in there. Don’t expect too much, or that you should feel, or be any certain way. You have MUCH going on right now. Be patient. Prayers.


  2. It is a huge adjustment!
    Give yourself time to get into the groove- and even time to figure out what in teh world that groove is! When managing your time ask, what is good for my family? What is not necessary? (you cannot choose ALL the good things at once! ) AND What do I need to care for myself, body soul and spirit? Take it from me, caring for yourself is so important!


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