What Am I Suppose To Do With This?

“What am I suppose to do with this?”

That’s what I asked my husband tonight on the way home.  My dear husband wasn’t sure what I was talking about at first, I didn’t lead up to the question.  He absolutely loves when I do that.  (not really)  But he did have alittle bitty clue and it made it’s way to his mind quicker than normal.

Today we dealt with the results of my Dad’s biopsy.   It wasn’t good results.  I saw my Dad in a capacity I had never really witnessed before in my life.  I”m not ready to really write about that yet.  I’m still processing.

As a Christian, I should know “what to do with this.”  Right?  I’m sure there is a bible verse, chapter, or entire book with answers, but I’m going to honest here.  I don’ t have a clue where to start and I’m just kinda “out there.”

Where do I place this heap of heartache I’ve recently received.  Even though we knew there was an inkling or chance of it coming, it rocks your world and I feel like it really sucks. How do I give this over to HIM?

So, help a girl out would ya, my husband and myself would be ever so grateful.

What am I suppose to do with this?

Grace is a gift,



6 thoughts on “What Am I Suppose To Do With This?

  1. I don’t know. Not yet. Maybe just be. Trust the Holy Spirit who speaks where we cannot with groanings too deep for words. Do this until they come, whenever that will be. And let us do the talking for now.
    Heavenly Father,
    You created this world and all that is in it with just a simple word. Let your word be a comfort to Julie and her family during this time. Give them peace where the world would tell them there is none. Give them joy in the promises of your presence. Give them understanding of one another and of your great love for them. Give them all that is good, all that the world cannot give. Be with the doctors, nurses, family and friends of Julie’s dad and with her dad as they seek to give you glory in how they care for him and for one another at this time. Help them to know the gift that each new day is as they anticipate the resurrection that your Son won for us all on the cross. That and so much more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  2. ah yes… that. 5-20-10 I had no words. no prayers. I sat down and read hymn verses in my hymnal. no singing just the words.. I got out a canvas and made a mixed media collage of a hymn that melting into me – grace- hope covering the pores. Made a copy of Our God Our Help in Ages Past —
    added Roman 8:39
    Hope Amidst Advesrsity, and embarking on a journey….. a daughter coming alongside a father. unknown territory- known GOD
    And set it out on a shelf to see many times in the day- to bring me back — when I thought I was just going to fall off the edge. It was pure blessing, and now, even with DAD gone, it is the story to always remember the JOURNEY.

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  3. In situations like this, I do think of Jesus knowing our thoughts and feelings even though we can’t verbalize them. Maybe just sitting quietly before Him would bring some comfort. I am praying the prayer in the comments above with you.


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