Recent Joys

I decided you might need something alittle more joyful after my last few posts.  I do… so here we go.

Picnics of fellow believers that takes my mind off the current situation, is full of laughter, and walks with dear friends.

Listening to my Dad tell the story of how he gave me my childhood nickname. I’m going out on a limb here and going to actually tell you what it is.  Although there was a point in my adolecent years I didn’t care for it, I know it’s meant to be with sincere love now.  Bummer.  Yep that’s it.  Will have to write a post on that one alone ! 🙂

Coming home to a home cooked meal by my husband.  Grilled pork chops, new potatoes from our garden, and sandhill plum jelly on bread!

Nurses that visit and talk of their own families with us.  That are kind and actually listen as my Dad or his family explain things.

Hugs from sisters and those I love.

Hammocks, cooler evenings, and the sounds of the country evening.

This…. this is one of the best things ever.  Seeing my little girl after a long day and she is full of smiles and laughter. Just watching her be a kid is pure joy to me.

pv 2014 2


So what are your recent joys? I hope you will share, it will be delightful I’m sure.  Come on, just one or two or twelve!  Ready set go!


Grace is a gift,




2 thoughts on “Recent Joys

  1. My son’s new braceless smile…haven’t seen it for three years!
    Safe travel
    10,000 steps and a husband who does his best to make sure I have time to get them in.
    Freddy’s chocolate custard cookies
    80 degree days in August


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