Peace with my Resources

The day I married my husband was the first day in my life I ever felt complete peace throughout my mind, body, and soul.  I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t anything except peaceful as I walked down the aisle to him. When I close my eyes I can still feel the way I felt that day.

As I begin this  new path that I did recently, I feel a similar peace. Yet I reminded myself that although that day was full of peace, just as this one is, the days to come may not be so peaceful.  Our marriage has had some pretty beautiful moments and some pretty ugly ones too.

Ones neither of us are proud of, ones that we wanted to quit, and questioned all the choices we made.  Ones that brought life into our family, ones that grew our faith, and joys that pushed us to another level of intimacy.

This path I am now on, I take it one day at a time.  I start over each day, I reflect on yesterday but do not stay there.  I build my days with what is important.

And as the stones begin to block the road, I will gather my resources to endure what lies ahead.  The resources being my God, my spouse, my family, friends, and chocolate (on occasion)!  When the stones easily push away, my resources will dance with joy with me.  And when the stones are hard to move, I gather with my sisters in Christ and ask them to pray with me.

I look forward to the path that lies ahead.  Only God knows the plan he has for me, lead me where you may my Father.

Grace is a gift,


Follow where God leads.
Follow where God leads.

Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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