It’s all in the Dance

Today I was lucky enough and surprised to spend time (not nearly long enough) with two of my favorite people in our family.  My Dad’s brother and wife drove from Texas to see him, and surprised all of us.  When I heard my aunt’s voice on the phone, a smile automatically came across my face as always.  When they came in the house  they both gave warm hugs and smiles all around, and their voices just made me forget the reality of the day.

These two people traveled over 500 miles one way when they had just been here in May for a family memorial service. My Dad’s brother is older than him, so it’s not like driving is the simplest anymore for them.  I’m so very glad they came, I know my Dad is even more happy they came.  This is his last surviving brother.  But I’m not here to today to write about all that.  I’d like to celebrate these two people.

My uncle and aunt have been married 60 years.  60 years folks!  That,  my friends in today’s age is quite the accomplishment!

It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, it should really be just the norm.  But it isn’t with divorce as an option, living together and not getting married as an option and much more. I’m divorced.  I’m married to my second husband.  Divorce is one of the hardest things there is.  It’s not easy on anyone and every one of them is somewhat similar yet really not at the same time.  I don’t recommend it, but I feel extremely blessed in my marriage now.  I also received two beautiful daughters from my first marriage so I won’t complain about that time in my life!

I wonder what my uncle and aunt had in their upbringing that made them stay committed all these years?  I wonder how they dealt with their hard times and how they celebrate even the simplest things in 60 years.   I’d love to sit down and pick their brains and just bask in the joy of their union.  Perhaps that time will come, perhaps it won’t.

I do know this. I will drink in all they have to offer when I am in their presence.  I forgot to mention, one of the best memories I have of them is where they danced at my husband and I’s wedding dance.  They were in their late 60’s or early 70’s then and they sure could “cut a rug”.  They just don’t make’em like that anymore!  It was not a slow song either folks!

Perhaps the 60 years came about, because they danced each day together. Whether it was the jig, a waltz, or two-step, they were in it together, forever.

If you are married, how do you keep your marriage feisty and alive and in for the long haul?

What is the .longest number of years, of a couple you personally know or knew , that were married?

Grace is  a gift,




One thought on “It’s all in the Dance

  1. I don’t know about the couple I know who has been married the longest…maybe 58 years? 🙂 I know that my parents have been married for 43 years and it has not been all sunshine and roses but it has been a joy and predictable and a foundation for Seth and me. We kind of like that cord of three strands thing. We survive on a whole lot of grace.


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