Childhood memory

Today I was to publish the post I was invited to participate in here.  That isn’t happening, if you have followed this blog for long, you know my Dad just passed away.  But the reason for the delay is the person I invited is at a conference and I need her information prior to publishing.  SO, check back next week on that.  I did however decide to go back to this post, and get an idea for today.  My mind is full of things I doubt you all would be interested in, so I went to my resources!  I hope you enjoy!


Since the theme seems to be about my Dad lately, let’s keep that going for now my friends!  The childhood memory I would like to share is one where my Dad sang to me.  My Dad was not a singer, but I grew up listening to good ol’ country music.  Johnny Cash, Merle Haggerd, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, and many more.  If you aren’t old enough to know who they are, be sure to google or you tube them, cause they are country music folks!

One day when I was quite young my Dad and I were in my Grandpa’s orange Ford pickup.  All of  sudden this song came on the radio by the Statler Brothers.

Take a listen my friend.

My Dad seranaded his little girl and it stuck.  I sing parts of the song to my little girl now, I have since she was born. It’s a precious memory.

Do you have a precious childhood memory?  Feel free to share it in comments or journal it for your children, better yet…. tell it over and over so they can carry on the legacy. Good memories are meant to share and hold dear at the same time!

Dad & I


Grace is a gift,



2 thoughts on “Childhood memory

  1. Love this! I have never heard the song but am filled with joy at the sharing of this memory. I think a little serenading is necessary the next time I see you. This made me smile!


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