Virtual Visits or Reality Visits

There are these ladies I am friends with on line, well I guess you could call them “virtual sisters”.  We have our own little private group on Facebook and we go there when we need to get help on a blog issue, vent about life, ask for prayers, or laugh our heads off.  In this group there are six of us, which means six different personalities.  Did I mention we are all female too?  🙂  But we always respect each others opinions and know that we can speak frank and roll with the punches.

Anyway, in a week when I have felt much love, much support, and much guidance I found that my “virtual sisters” that have never met me in person were truly just plain old “friends”.  Drop the virtual shall we, there’s love and care intertwined between us.  Here’s how I know this.

I received this from them at my Dad’s Memorial Service,  a peach tree.  The other wonderful part is one of the ladies drove over an hour to bring it to the funeral home.  God bless her soul!

Peach Tree Virtual Sisters


I also received a visit from one of the friends. I was to be in Austin, Texas this past week with her for a conference for Agriculture and blogging.   She was making her way to a town north of where we live and made a stop this morning to see me and drop off a few goodies.   There is an Ag swap at the convention, her and one of my other pals decided to gather up some stuff for little ol’ me!


But the best part of this morning was getting to meet my friend Nicole in person.  You can find her blog by clicking here.  If you are not familiar with the farm life or are and want to see a different perspective, make sure to stop by her blog. She is really incredible about sharing the world of agriculture!

Sunsets and Ks Farm Mom

Here’s what I want to say……

If you have the opportunity

Take the opportunity and do something this week to give grace and love to another, offer it to the person that would least expect it from you.  Seriously take me up on this challenge, then come back here, comment, and let me know how it went.  I plan to pass this on, I plan to show someone that would least expect it how much I care.

Grace is a gift,


My other Virtual Sister’s sites…. check them out if you choose too! I highly recommend it!

A Gentle Word

Hasekamps of Tulip

Country LINKed

Farm livin is My Life


6 thoughts on “Virtual Visits or Reality Visits

  1. I am certainly positive that your visits with Amber and Nicole were like sitting down with an old friend. I also know that WHEN we get the chance to meet it will be the same way. I love our little group, so glad that each of you are a part of it. Always enjoy the good, glad we could be here for the tough stuff too. ❤ you Julie!

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  2. We do have a wonderful little group! So glad that you were able to meet Nicole and that Amber was able to make the delivery. You are a wonderful person and I am so sorry for your loss. May you enjoy the tree and remember your dad when ever you look at it.
    With love – Laurie


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