A little different route

I was challenged by my niece to do the ice bucket challenge. I knew what it was because my Facebook newsfeed has been overloaded by people completing the task. (I’m not a hater, just a boring little gal from Kansas.)  There were a couple that I really liked better than others but of course I failed to book mark them.  One was of a lady pulling pieces of paper out of a bucket without talking. On the paper it stated why she wasn’t dumping ice water and then the address to where you could donate.  Another one was a article that was written by a wife of someone with ALS.  She put in there something like 10 ways to actually try living a day or moment in the life of someone with ALS.  You know, for example, you sit still without moving anything, ANYTHING at all for 10 minutes, or put weights on your arm and attempt to eat with a fork, lifting from plate to mouth.  That is only a couple of the examples.  If anyone happens to have the links to these, please post them in the comments section, I’d appreciate it.

I didn’t dump a bucket of ice water over my head.  I didn’t do it and it’s not really in protest, but I believe it’s more about spreading the word.  So I went a different route to get some attention from my my Facebook friends.  I mean, really how many times are you going to click on ANOTHER video of someone getting ice water dumped on them at this point?  Knowing how I am, I won’t. I will continue to scroll.

So before we headed to church today, we drove to our little town, and in the wind my husband videoed me doing something else.  Something I feel is most important.  I know getting awareness out is important and that in today’s world it’s gotta be somewhat self centered and flashy to catch attention. I get it.  But boring little me went this route.  Boring little me feels it’s ok, and boring little me invites you to join me. In whatever manner you seem capable and good in your heart about.


So,  my point is this.  Don’t just throw water on a situation, do something that will make a difference. Whether it’s financially or time offered.  Do it, and do it today.

I ask that you comment below with one or two of the most important organizations you hold dear to your heart.  Share this post and let’s grow everyone’s knowledge in making a difference for many organizations.

Grace is a gift,





4 thoughts on “A little different route

  1. Lutherans for Life is a favorite of mine. In our community they support a local crisis pregnancy center with their gifts. I am also hopelessly, in the best possible way, stuck in the goings on of the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society. These two place are where my heart resides today.


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