$5 umbrellas & a free dog

I’m calling yesterday my first official day as a stay at home momma. It was the first day since August 4th that I didn’t have to be at a hospital, go into an office, or go anywhere I didn’t want to.  I got to spend the entire day with my six year old by my side.  I know that probably doesn’t seem that big of a deal but after this past month, it is a big deal to this momma!

We started our day out alittle rough.  You know, the first day that we have to get up earlier than usual to try and get back into the swing of a school schedule.  It’s only three days away and our little gal has somewhat decided she likes to sleep in! 😦  But we headed into town so I could get my steps in and she could play at two parks before it hit the 100 degree mark!  Cleaning her closet and bedroom, playing legos, and waiting for our afternoon swim play date is how we spent most of the day. After we arrived home we chilled and then ended up taking Dad to the field to get the tractor.

What I loved about today the most was this.  I stood at the kitchen window and watched that little girl hug and love on her free dog.  Her dog that, although it is quite warm outside, she will periodically go out to play with or check on.

And then there is this. The $5.00 umbrella.  This child begged me for an umbrella for weeks awhile back, then I finally remembered to get one.  Now I am glad I did. She plays with this thing DAILY!


$5 umbrellas & free dogs


$5 umbrellas & little girl & dog


Who knew that a $5.00 umbrella and a free dog could make alittle girl so very happy.  Just goes to show, it doesn’t take much to make a person happy!

Grace is a gift,



One thought on “$5 umbrellas & a free dog

  1. I’m reading this and it’s like another version of me. Kinda creepy. I recently became a stay at home mom a little over a month ago. I’ve been in the health care field since I was 16, so it’s strange not to be going to the hospital on a regular basis. And I too packed up the kiddos after naps to take my Farmer to get his tractor. Nice to meet you. I think we could be friends. Lol.


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