Why I Write

Heather over at Thee Angel Project,  she seems to always challenge me and this time is no different!  First, thank you Heather for your friendship, the opportunity to be challenged, and for these four questions to really make my brain work!  You can find Heather’s answers to these questions here.


How does my writing process work?

I am actually answering this question first because I find it less intimidating than the others! 🙂  Normally ideas will come to mind while I am in my bathroom getting ready for the day.  I may jot them down on a notepad or run to the computer if time allows.  The other places that my blog post ideas emerge during are when I am on a daily walk or resting in a hot long bath.  I know, that last one is probably “too much information”, but it’s the truth.  The hard part is, when I’m in the tub, I try not to forget what I have in my head as I don’t have paper handy!  When I write a post, I normally do not publish it that same time as written.  I walk away and revisit it later, as there are corrections and new words to be added! 🙂

What am I writing/working on right now?

Currently I am writing daily at Pushing Forward with Grace.  It’s a 365 day writing commitment that my friend, yes you can guess which one, invited me to take with her.  Honestly, from day to day I am not sure what I will write about.  Sometimes it is something simple and silly, about my daughter or the Lord, or recently my journey as my Dad and all that is wrapped up in that.  It’s a variety of me, my thoughts, and just about whatever pops out of my mind that day! Most of my posts are tied up with emotions, they are born from an experience, a feeling, a thought that is tied to my heart. It’s just who I am.

At my other blog, In Between the Sunsets of Life, it is agriculture based as we are a Midwest farm family. You will find it is about our family farm, raising  wheat, milo, soybeans, a farm daughter, and chickens.  My personal joy is cooking, and jam making, so you will find a section from the Entertaining Kitchen!  It’s the story of our farm life and educating those that are removed from rural life is a goal of ours.

How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I’m not really sure how to answer this question.  Am I different?  There are a ton of blogs about cooking, agriculture, and personal journeys of many kinds.  Each individual is different so I do presume that although our base or topic is probably the same, being individuals is what makes our blogs unique. So each one is different but if you want to know how different, check out my blogs and see ! 🙂

Why do I write what I write?

I love to tell stories of experiences, I love to take photos that tell stories in them, and I love to document my families life.  Inspiring others is something I enjoy, and writing things that might help, even if only to one person, makes it worth the time it takes to write those blog posts.  Growing within is a journey and expressing  them via the blogs is an experience I am grateful for and also very surprised I am a part of at the same time. Expressing myself through words is wonderful therapy, created new friendships for me, and brought me to where I am today.  HERE!  With you! 🙂
Let me introduce you to my friend and fellow agriculture blogger, Laurie Link.  And yes, she is as sweet as her photo looks!  This lady will bring a smile to your face and her blog has more beautiful pictures on it than you know what to do with!  Please help me welcome Laurie and be sure visit her blog which is called Country LINKed.

Laurie Link


Laurie began her journey in life on the family farm in north central Missouri.  Raised one of four daughters on a hog and crop farm, she was taught the value of hard work, dedication and living a Christian life.  Now she is once again living on the family farm and loving life.  Laurie and her husband Seth have three wonderful children, Wyatt, Kendall and Tessa. Laurie is very blessed to be able to be a stay at home mama who not only takes care of the home and family, but can be found in the tractor, combine or cattle lot on any given day. She takes time to be involved in her children’s school, activities and the county 4-H program.  She was given a DSLR camera for Christmas in 2011 and has been taking pictures every day since.  Her love of family and the land come through in the images she captures.  Laurie writes about faith, family and farming on her blog Country Linked.  She has a weekly Farm Picture Friday and also co-hosts a weekly blog party linkup.  Laurie does love to create and bring to joy to others.  Be it through baking, writing or making crafts, she enjoys doing things for others.  To her it is the simple things in life that bring joy, so why not share with those with who you love.


Grace is  a gift,




5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Great job Julie!! We are all different in how we approach our blogs and you are right, if it helps one person or brings a smile to someone, then all of the time is more than worth it. Thank you for letting me come on this journey with you!
    Laurie – Country Link

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