Inspired and Celebrating Birthdays!

Two of the top things I have a growing passion about are:

#1 – Food Banks

#2 – Elderly folk

My friend created a challenge, you might recall as I sent you to her post the other day by clicking here. Go see how many steps she is up to, I can’t wait for September 1st! This challenge included one of my passions – #1!  So I was all ready to jump right in and help! I also wanted her to walk many many steps! 🙂

I wanted to breakout the cost for others to see how little it can actually be.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the total at the bottom of the post can be alot to some people.  But when I spend that amount or more at Applesbees for my family, I think I can give up one trip there to make four families happy!  Our family committed to four.


birthday party kits

By the way,I’m not doing this post for acolades or pats on the back. So don’t comment in that manner please!  I’m doing it to educate and share the knowledge, and show people the bottom line.

4 – Cake Mixes $3.96
4 – Frostings $5.16
2 pkgs Party Hats $2.94
4 pkgs.Plates $3.88
4 pkgs. Napkins $3.88
2 pkgs. Candles $1.50
1 pkgs. Balloons $1.97
4 – Bags $5.38

Subtotal : $28.67
Tax 2.33
Total cost: $31.00

I will tell you that I bought some of the items at Aldi’s and some at Walmart. I could have saved more probably by going to Dollar General for at least the bags, but I didn’t have time today. Or even better, recycled the ones I have from our birthday stash, but my personality wanted the whole color scheme thing!

Back to the numbers! That means that one birthday bag of fun would cost about $7.75.   Do you know how much a Big Mac meal is at McDonalds?  $6.67 with tax, I know can you believe that?  Insane!  So another reason I felt it was important to break it down.

I appreciate the spirit of my friends that inspire me to remember others. So I hope this breakout inspires you to go help others in some form, if you can’t afford it financially, donate your time.  Come back here and let me know what way you helped others or inspired others! I am always looking for new ideas! Inspire me!

Grace is a gift,


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