The moment

The moment you are are cleaning up a room and you come across the last birthday card ever received from them.

The moment a song makes you think of them while you are driving down the road.

The moment when you are cooking in the kitchen, and the dish you are making is one of their favorites.

The moment you hear someone ask ” how you are doing” and you reply “fine”.

The moment you look around at the surroundings, the people you are amidst, they all seem busy, and you have to go on even though it’s hard.

The moment you open the lock box that you know was their treasure chest of days gone by, and find letters you wrote to them when you were 13.

The moment,  the image of a time with the one no longer here, (not so long ago), where they held your hand. The image pops into your mind so unexpectedly.

The moment you look at your sibling’s face and see the sadness of what was and is missed and never was.

The moment the young child finds treasures in the items left behind by the one no longer here.

The moment you are writing thank you’s and see how much you are loved and cared for in this world by those that didn’t even know the one no longer here.

The moment you grasp your spouse’s hand, and they know. They just know it’s what you need and why.

The moment you are sorting the one no longer here’s photos to begin the process of creating books, and you have to just walk away after only a short time.

The moment you take a huge risk to honor the one no longer here and it actually goes ok.

The moment you see the flower you took from the funeral spray is wilted and dismal. Time to throw it away.

The moment you see the now red tomatoes from the one no longer here’s last garden harvest. They sit in your window sill just as they did his.

The moment you see the photos you never knew existed, the papers from many years ago, and think there is so much I didn’t know of the one no longer here.

The moment when you smile because the one no longer here was a baptized child of God and you will some day be in his prescense.

The moment you take all the photos, funeral folder, book, dvd, audio cd of service, and pack them into a beautiful box. This moment hasn’t occurred yet, this moment will have to wait.

The moments that lie after a parent or loved one has passed away are treasures within themselves. Although they may trigger pangs of hurt and small smiles, you still treasure each one.

Grace is a gift,

Precious moments



One thought on “The moment

  1. There is so much we don’t know about that generation. I feel the same way about my grandparents. I wish I had known them as an adult brave enough to ask the hard questions. Heaven is restored bodies, but also restored relationships. Looking forward to both of those things!


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