Skipping Children & Their Imaginations

Watching life unravel through the eyes of my six-year-old can be pure delight at times. I am so very glad that I take the time to watch (most of the time), unfortunately I didn’t stop so much with my older two daughters when they were young.

For example as we walked, in  the extreme heat and Kansas humidity at an Arboretum recently it was interesting.  Spending six years in her father’s shadow,  she has learned a thing or two. The flowers and plants and butterflies all keep her interest, longer than it does mine at times.  Her father is very good at explaining things.  Example, why the moth was jumping so quickly from one flower to the other. She is very interested, me … not so much.  🙂

Another time I enjoyed  was when I  had my husband drop me off about 1.5 miles from our home. They took the UTV and headed to church for something. When they returned I asked her to walk the rest of the way with me.  Lucky for me she did.  See, my child likes to skip.  She skips when she should run or jog.  If you watch her, she will start out walking or running then throw in a few skips, and then go back to the walking or running.  I love that she does this, although if she becomes a professional athlete this might be an issue!

Then there is this.  Her imagination is growing with each time she is allowed to play alone or she goes searching in the garage for who knows what.  Remember this post, well her current play toy is the following.

Can you guess what it is?

Recycle toy box

I know, it’s two boxes and a blanket.  Perhaps you need an interior shot or two.  See it comes with a computer and television.

recycle toy box 2 recycle box 3


Ok, I will help you.  It’s my daughter’s camper.  This past Saturday she literally spent a good 4 hours playing in this thing folks.  Seriously!  When it got too hot outside, she came in and asked me if I had something “cold and small” she could use.  I asked what for, her reply “oh I will just bring the camper inside and play with it”.  🙂

I have to say I’m pretty proud of her.  She would really like us to get a real camper by the way, but for now I think this model fits her to a T!



She has her stuffed Cheetah on a leash so she can take her for walks, a computer, and television.  What more could you ask for?  Ok, maybe an air conditioner! 🙂

How is your imagination these days?  Perhaps alittle day dreaming  is in order for all of us once in awhile!

Grace is a gift,




4 thoughts on “Skipping Children & Their Imaginations

  1. I love this! Her camper is awesome! She has the right idea – I think you guys need one. I even know some really cool peeps who would love to camp with you! 🙂 But if P came camping with us she might be surprised to find she doesn’t need a computer or a television in her camper because there is too much to do outside!


  2. Absolutely darling! I love how kids can spend hours with cardboard boxes! It looks like your little has everything she needs!


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