Positives On My Mind

I know lately I have written alot on the sadder, perhaps “not so fun”side of things.  I’m grieving.  There I actually said it.  Ok well I typed it actually but imagine me saying.  I feel some sort of shame about it, not overwhelming, but still just a tinge of something off.  Like, ok it’s been over two weeks, move on!  That maybe comes from my upbringing or maybe society in general or just me being ridiculous.  I don’t know.  Here is what I do know. There will be posts about my Dad.  They will be sad, dark, and bittersweet beauties.  It’s a healing process, or so I’ve been told.  I hope you will hang around on this journey, it’s all a journey right?

Today I will post about positives of my current life I am living. Here goes!

Receiving a hug daily from the little girl running into my arms from the bus is the most awesome feeling!

Fixing homecooked meals daily and not feeling overwhelmed or rushed is a wonderful aspect of staying home.

Having the time to walk and exercise not only my body but my mind.

Time available to volunteer . Although this one hasn’t occurred yet, I am working on it in my mind.  The areas I want to venture out to, it’s not the right time since recently losing my Dad. But it’s in the works.

Helping my husband on the farm and strengthening our relationship.

Being able to blog and think of new fresh ideas to work on for the future.

Not feeling pulled in 100 different directions and not feeling like a failure if not completing all of them!

Opportunity to gather old photos, create books for my siblings, and look at times gone by.

Organizing our home better!

Be a more present Mother when my youngest is home.  The less tired and distractions there are in my life, the more focused I can be on her.

Ability to spend more time with my oldest daughters since our schedules are more open now.

Property Brothers. I know I know, I don’t sit all day on the couch, but I usually watch one episode. 🙂

Sunrise 2014

I know that I may not be a full time stay at home Mom forever.  In fact, I am still licensed to sell insurance and working under an agent. But that is very part time as I want to focus on my family and find the direction God is leading me too.  There has been a few bumps in the road this past month, but I know there are many blessings that were there too.

How about you name one positive thing that occurred today for you!?  Let’s open our minds and hearts to the blessings before us right now!
Grace is a gift!



4 thoughts on “Positives On My Mind

  1. It IS a journey, and healing takes time…there is no “getting over it”. SOme days will be easier, some days will seem impossible. Sometimes are grief makes us appreciate the small things that we normally would take for granted. And like the things you mentioned…joy can be found when you really desire to feel it! It exists every day in life. My prayers are with you during this journey!
    Marifaith from Thee Angel Project

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  2. I got a nap! And…my daughter has come home with less homework…and…my son and I were able to chat about how school is going for him and things are good…and…did I mention that I got a nap?!


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