He is a quiet man.

I decided to write about my husband today.

He is a quieter man, a simple soul that is full of morals and faith.  He lives his life pretty laid back and yet works hard.  I mean physically hard.  He would rather physically be doing something than sitting around watching TV.  Although, since our daughter arrived six years ago, he works less, pays attention to her, and plays with her more than I probably do.  He isn’t perfect by any means. I don’ t think I’d want him to be.  Who would want to live with someone perfect?  You would never measure up, am I right?

I love that he accepts my flaws in a quiet manner (most of the time).  He allows me to rub his finger in the midst of my chaotic mind and makes me chicken fried rice or roasted vegetables upon my request.  He loves the outdoors and has brought that aspect to my life in our 11 short years together.

My husband is a quiet man, did I mention that?  He also is a tad perfectionist when it comes to a construction project.  I never noticed this until years after our wedding day a few people pointed that out, especially after we built our home.  He can take a piece of wood and craft it into something so abundantly lovely, and I can’t even measure one right.  I love to watch him back or drive a large truck or combine or tractor, for he does it with such ease.  He makes it look like a cakewalk.  I think I like it so much because I see his confidence on display in the most non-arrogant way.  It’s beautiful, truly it is .Working cattle with him brings me delight, and that feeling of partnership strengthens our relationship.

Listening to his breakfast conversations over bible story time with our daughter is comical and a lesson all wrapped up into one.  My hope is that one day she realizes just how lucky she is, with the Daddy the Lord provided her.  My own father was more absent and I sometimes find myself caught in a set of mixed emotions when watching them.  Joy because its wonderful what she has been given and jealous because I did not have that.  Don’t worry, the joy always wins out, it’s just for a split second usually.

This man, the Lord provided to me, has brought me joy and yes, even some sadness.  We are all human and so we sin against one another, it’s reality.  It’s not how the Lord intended for us to live, but luckily when we sin against one another we are given forgiveness and can offer that as well to the others.   My sweetheart is very patient, very forgiving, and has lived the last 11 years learning a whole new reality. I’m glad he chose me to be his wife. I’m glad he chose to pull off onto the dirt road, in a secluded area, in his favorite pickup, and ask me to marry him.  I’m glad he has stuck around, I’m glad he loves me . I’m thankful he has brought such quietness to my life.

He has taken me to places I never thought I would go, and we haven’t even left the country.  My heart has those stories upon it, with his signature beautifully engraved.

I pray dear friends that you have someone as special as I have found, someone who you love and loves you.  That may not give you every single thing you need but provides in abundance respect, love, and appreciation.  Tell them, tell them how much they mean to you today. Right now.  Go.  It’s important.

Grace is a gift,


A prayer for my husband.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you this day, and lay before you the thankfulness that lies in my heart for the man you have delivered to me to be my husband.  The one that is has left his parents and became one with me, and in the deepest parts of my being, I am grateful.  I ask that you protect the father of my child, the keeper of my heart, and the leader of our family safe in the days ahead.  May he find with you all he has been needing each day, and comfort upon hard journeys.  May he be the man you want him to be and me the wife that is needed.  With each new day, may he find his foundation in you.


Daddy & Daughter

In Jesus Name,



3 thoughts on “He is a quiet man.

  1. Beautiful description. Married to a farmer myself, I read this going, Yup, Yup, Yup! My husband is also very quiet (he’s always thinking). Growing up in a city, I never knew how incredible smart these quiet farm boys are. I had no idea how loving they are to their family. It melts my heart when he comes by in the middle of the day, picks up a child and works in the combine or tractor all day. God bless America’s farmers, and the families behind them 😉
    God bless your family


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