Field of Differences

Kissing Milo Fields 002

This photo was taken 12 years ago.  It hangs in our bedroom with a collection of other photos of my husband and I.  My sister took it as part of our engagement photos.  It’s us at a particular silly moment, as if you can’t tell.

If you didn’t know it, we are standing in a Milo/Grain Sorghum field.  Our home that we built four years ago, actually sits right about where it was taken.  So many things have changed yet some things haven’t at all since that photo was taken.  The area that was Milo then, has turned to green grass, a yard, a garden, a home, and other things.

At the time the photo was taken I was a girl who had lived quite sometime in town, not near a farm any longer.  So, my likeness for quick trips to the store and running home on my lunch hour were delights in my life.  Fast forward to now and I live in the country going on four years.  The closest grocery store is small like our town, and doesn’t always have what I need, and when I worked full-time my job was 25 minutes from home.  So lunch hours were spent running errands, walking, eating at the park, or seeing friends to catch up on life.  I worked full-time when that photo was taken, I now stay home primarily.

The “town girl” came back to her roots via the love of a boy who saw something in her she didn’t see herself.  God used my husband to slowly, sometimes painstakingly and sometimes beautifully bring me to the place my life began.  The country.  The farm.  To a field that once was Milo to a dwelling that we call home.  Built with his hands, our hands, and our love.

I’m glad that girl in the photo stuck it out, I’m sometimes scared right now with the new transition in my presence, but I just need to remember the verse below and that I am not alone.  The boy that led me back here, will be by my side day in and day out.


Proverbs 3 5-6


Do you find yourself in a unique situation or place that surprises you?  Feel free to share in comments.

Grace is a gift,



3 thoughts on “Field of Differences

  1. God also put me (reluctantly!) here in the middle of a cornfield, in the country, 25 min from town, next to a dairy farm… thanks to the leadership of my husband. I was SO not sure about it at first, but now I am also glad that girl in my pictures stuck it out 🙂

    nice post.


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