Tattered or Pristine?

Do you highlight, underline, date, or make notes in your bible? What does your bible look like? Is it pristine and looking new or tattered and marked up?

I have a few bibles. There is one in my car, my office, and one that I used at bible study.

The one in my car is small and tattered and looks like it had something spilled on it a few times. It’s not so pretty, but has such beautiful things inside it!

When I started my new job about a year ago, I bought a smaller blue bible for my office. It’s the English Standard Version, and I like it because it is somewhat easier for me to understand. It’s pretty new, so it’s not marked up too much…. yet.

The larger bible I used for bible study is pretty new too, probably a couple of years old. It’s heavy and it’s markings have started to gain in number. It is the English Standard Version as well.

The inspiration for the post today came from our Pastor during Sunday school. He had a few bibles that he had picked up along the way, he said he would go to garage sales and see them. He hated to see them there, it made him sad, so he will buy them. He will give them away or keep them in his library. The couple he had were old and tattered. He also mentioned that when he was going to perform a funeral service for someone, he would ask the family if he could see the deceased bible.

I loved that. Truly I do. I had never thought of that before and I thought, that would be lovely. What would you want your Pastor or family to find in your bible?

I do underline, sometimes date, and make notes in my bibles. I do not read it nearly enough though, I’m going to be honest. I hope when the day comes that my family or Pastor asks to see it that it is well-worn. That it has notes and reflections inside it. That the pages are tattered and corners worn so it reflects that I have used it, loved it, grown with it, and learned from it.

I hope it’s a treasure for my family.

The Pastor had his Mother’s small new testament that she carried in her purse. She had written her own testimony inside the cover. THAT is just inspiring to me, just a brilliant idea. She had underlined verses too. Today she can’t recall her family or friends, due to Alzheimer’s, but she can quote bible verses like no other. That doesn’t come from having a pristine bible that is never touched and dusted weekly.

Who is with me in taking our bibles and making them tattered treasures from too much use, too much coffee spilled on them, too many highlighted areas, and children’s slobbers, and dust free due to daily use?

I will need reminded of this post I’m sure, perhaps I will print it out and hang it in my home office. Perhaps you can make me accountable and come back and ask me how my tattering is going.

I have to go now, I need to go use the most important book in the world.

Grace is a gift,





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