Date Days

As our marriage gets longer, my husband and I don’t have as many “date days” as I would like.  So when we do have them, we really try to focus on one another and the time we have together alone.  I know it’s important to connect and keep our marriage strong.  I’m normally the one planning the dates or time we spend together.  It’s just one of the roles God gave me in this marriage.  Yet sometimes I act like a self-centered teenage girl and want all the attention shown to me by my sweetheart and crave his affection like a lost puppy. Yesterday was a reminder of how he has brought good things in to my life, changed my thinking to the positive, and given me more gifts than you can buy in a store.

Things I’ve learned in the past eleven years of marriage and one year prior to that dating from this quiet, shy farm boy. It’s been a pleasure to take this journey and be taken to a place where peace and calm is the norm.

The time with him can be relaxing and easy-going, if the woman with him let’s go of her old habits.

He won’t be selfish about where we eat or go, unless there is a sweet treat involved.

Being in nature is one of his favorite things, and makes him most happy.

Sometimes it’s ok to just focus on him and do what he wants and stay quiet.

He will follow you around shopping, and possibly even enjoy it just a tad (if it’s a kitchen or hunting store).

He will try something different on the menu, but odds are his response when asked “how was it”” , will be  “good or fine”.

While having a donut eating contest, don’t let the shy quiet man fool you, he is out to win! Round two is in the near future!

Sometimes he surprises you and takes you somewhere really neat and then it becomes a special place for the two of you.

Most likely he will take “another route” home or to our destination, country roads or roads less traveled are scenic.

I need to stay awake, no matter the distance because he does like to look at all the countryside and his eyes might linger a tad longer then I like while he driving!

Date days are a fun and don’t have to be extravagant.

Here are a few photos of our day spent together, enjoying the outdoors.

DSC_8372 DSC_8381 DSC_8371 DSC_8399 DSC_8402


I recommend you chisel out some time in your calendar for your honey, it will be very rewarding to you both!

Grace is a gift,



One thought on “Date Days

  1. I wrote a Summer Date Series where my husby and I found dates that we both enjoyed that maybe we wouldn’t normally do together. It was a great and fun series! Hope you have many more dates together (:


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