Deleting Friends

Periodically over the past year I have thought about reducing my number of friends on my personal Facebook page.  I have a couple of friends that have recently announced on their status that they were going to go through their friend list and anyone that they removed, don’t be offended.  They wanted to retain their personal page for people they would have dinner or drinks with or even family/close friends that do not live near by to.   I’m thinking I’d like to follow their lead.  One of them directed them to her blog Facebook page, which I think I would do, as we have one for our other blog, In Between the Sunsets of Life.

I get a little uncomfortable when seriously thinking about doing this. I think, will someone I see in town or went to high school with be offended if I un-friend them? Or will it make me seem like a snob or too good for them.  That is far from the truth. I just would like to maintain the things I share in this area of my life to people I would tell face to face or over dinner about.  know a person can’t make everyone happy, and why am I even worried about Facebook?  I currently have 286 “friends”.

So have you ever whittled down your list?

How do you determine who you will be “friends” with on Facebook?

How would you feel if you were an acquaintance and you were unfriended?

Thanks for your input!  🙂

Grace is a gift,



3 thoughts on “Deleting Friends

  1. I did this a couple weeks ago. There were about 10 people I took off my list. They were people I really hadn’t had any interaction with in a long time and a couple were people that I hadn’t had any positive interaction with and I needed to do so for my peace of mind. I think it’s okay. I think if they aren’t people who speak the truth in love to you or encourage you, maybe they need to go…that being said, I’m at 262…I wonder how many of them I have sat face to face with at dinner. Hmmm.


  2. The “unfollow” button is my friend! I just did a week where I would “unfollow” 5 people a day to get my news feed under control. It is much better now! I figure if I just unfollow someone they are still my facebook friend so I could go look at their timeline if I ever wanted to get caught up on their life.


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