Different Shoes… again

I stepped into a different pair of shoes officially today. No not an actual pair of shoes, but a different position in life – sorta. I spent 18 years being an Office Manager at the insurance office, switched to an Insurance Agent for a year, then took the leap to stay at home. Well I guess I really love the place or company or something, because I have started working (on my own schedule) as a Sales Associate for the office for one of the agents.

This is where I say the following. My number one goal is and will be my family.  I don’t plan to go all gung-ho and work lots of hours.  My plan is to do it as long as I enjoy it.  It will bring some extra income to our family, I get to choose my hours, and I really do love doing quotes.  I like the interaction with people too.  I especially like that it’s kinda on my terms, my hours, and from home primarily.

Each one of these positions are similar but quite different.  I have learned a lot from the other two positions, and I’m sure I will learn from this one as well.  So far, it’s going good.  A few quotes have been thrown my way, and I get to venture out to farms.  I love farms, insuring them, and talking to farm folk.  Seriously my favorite part of the job I think.  No offense to non-farm folk, but this is where I thrive so to speak.

So I am taking my new “shoes” and heading into it next week with appointments and quoting to do. It’s familiar, it’s slower paced, it’s connection with people, and  OK!.   I’m glad to be given this opportunity.

Have you been blessed with an opportunity recently?  How did you handle the transition?  I look forward to your comments!


Grace is a gift,



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