Memorials Flowers or Both?

Yes, you can guess I am talking about funerals again.  I’ve always been interested in the memorials and flower donation aspect of the funeral.  My first husband was a funeral director, during our marriage  so I was around funerals and funeral homes often.  In fact, I lived in two.  Yes you read that right, and yes it was freaky to me in my young age.  Now it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

When you find out of the passing of a friend, acquaintance, aunt, uncle, cousin what do you normally do to show care in this area for the family?  I know it probably depends on the relationship you have with the person or family of the person.  In my case, I normally opt for donating some money to the memorial they chose.  On occasion I will get a plant, but most times a card and monetary donation win out.  I think the reason for this is from the fact that I was around the funeral business for a few years.  I recall being told “flowers die, memorials can help and continue a legacy.”  That stuck with me I guess.

We had some very lovely flowers, plants, and even a peach tree at Dad’s funeral.  I really like the idea of the tree, I am thinking in the future when I do that type of donation it will be a plant for outside.

With my Dad’s funeral the memorials totaled around $500 for the American Heart Association!  I was surprised along with being very thankful.  Since my Dad had a heart condition for the past 25 years, our family had the opportunity to see how research and technology had changed over the years.  Also we have high regard for the cardiologist that cared for our Dad those 25 years, he was not only a doctor to our Dad, he was straight shooting supporter of our Dad’s health.  We pray that the money donated by our family and friends in honor of Dad will help another individual continue to get better or aid research in the area of heart health.  Thank you to those that donated!

So what is your preference when sharing care at the time of loss?


Grace is a gift,
Love from Friends



One thought on “Memorials Flowers or Both?

  1. I don’t know…I do appreciate how a donation is certainly something that will have a lasting affect. I like flowers though from the respect of how they are a very visible way of showing support to the family and friends. I think for my funeral, if people just brought a single flower for the victory cross and then donated to…the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society or their local Lutheran school, (yep, I want both, not that I’ll care…pretty sure I’ll be busy doing other things) 🙂 that would be great! $500 for the American Heart Association…Awesome!
    Great question!


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