Emotions that stir, Time passes on

Our family attended a wedding last night of a child our middle daughter’s age and her Mother is one of my friends.  As the bride and groom were at the front of the church together I found myself thinking, how beautiful and also how young!   No negativity here, just remembering back.  When I married the first time I was younger than these two, 19 years old.  Just a baby but I thought I knew everything! 🙂  I’m now 43 years old and am I wiser I like to think but still so much to learn.

The wedding decor was simple with just enough of rustic thrown in.  The bride in a beautiful gown with a simple veil and her lovely red hair pulled back.  Looking grown up yet so young to me.  Perhaps because I have a daughter the same age, or I’m just feeling old.  I recall when her and her brother came to live here.  They were adopted by my friend M. and her husband.  The bride was in the 5th grade, so literally half-grown coming to a new place.  M and I led a youth group at the time.  So the kiddos in youth group and I threw a welcome party for the kids! If I close my eyes I can still see them, both seeming so small to me, sitting on the couch opening some gifts.  Good memories, those kids were at most of the meetings thereafter.  You never would have thought they were adopted, because M and her husband truly love them with their whole hearts!  M and her husband were not young, they had grown boys of their own in adulthood, but it worked out fabulously.

As the bride danced with her Father at the reception, I looked away for second to see my husband and his little girl walking to the cake table holding hands.  The emotion that made it’s presence in my heart at that moment was bittersweet.  She’s six but before we know it, it could be her and him on the dance floor.  I think he too will struggle somewhat as is this bride’s father.  Of letting go of his little girl.  I look forward to that moment with strings of emotions pulling at my heart.  I know the days go by and we end up in a place and think “where did time go?”

So let’s do what we can to treasure the days we have with our children.  Let’s take lots of pictures, make them laugh from the bottom of their tummies, show them how two people really love and respect one another, and hold them tight while they will let us.  But let’s also know, when it is time. LET THEM GO.  It’s hard, I know, I’ve been there.  I know it won’t be any easier when my six-year-old gets there, but I must. It’s for a better relationship and I won’t be here forever.

My dear friends, if you have children or even with anyone, family or friends, reach out and touch base with them.  It might be just what they need.


Grace is a gift,



4 thoughts on “Emotions that stir, Time passes on

  1. I don’t wanna! My oldest decided yesterday that he wanted to go to the college football game. No one else in the house was going, but he went anyway, all on his own. Whose kid is this? I’m amazed and terrified all at the same time that he is old enough to do that!
    The wedding sounds lovely…makes me want cake. 🙂 …but the adoption and the creation of both of these families even more so…not the cake part, just the loveliness.


  2. I have already envisioned having to “give” my son away to his future bride and the thought positively terrifies me! I joke that I will make a horrendous mother-in-law at first! But it’s so hard to not always have them be this way…so young and little (albeit, frustrating and obnoxious at times!)…but I do try to remind myself that we get our kids for such a brief time. Ugh!!

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