My Child’s Creative Mind Beginning

My oldest daughter has grown to love cooking  and caring for others, my middle daughter loved art and dabbles in photography.  My youngest daughter is starting to show signs of things she is interested in.  She continues to work on her cardboard camper and now she has decided to build a house out of paper.  On the way to school today I got to hear some details and she is waiting for her Dad to help her on it.

She plans to put the papers together and make it taller than her, and the roof is made from one sheet then you put two triangle squares together.  🙂  I mentioned that perhaps a large cardboard refrigerator box would work better, her reply was “it would be dark in there then.”  Such a visionary!  Perhaps some windows, she pondered a moment, and said “no I like the paper idea.”  I said that would be a lot of (copy) paper taped together, perhaps some larger paper would work for example poster board.  She agreed to that suggestion.  I told her she would need something for a frame, to hold the paper up.  We had made our way to the school so our conversation of the house building had to cease.  I look forward to the continuing of it at a later time.  She has been mentioning this paper house building scenario for two weeks!

I tried giving suggestions that she would still be able to maneuver herself in the actual building.  I am thrilled she likes to build and thinks about the process. I am not sure but I have a feeling she gets this from her Dad!  He has been a builder for twenty plus years.  Her bedroom is not big enough for the RV parking area and this house! We might have to move to the garage!  🙂

I’m pleased she is content with paper and cardboard, although she does love watching Wild Kratts and (to my demise) My Little Ponies (when allowed) and Lego Friends has taken over our play living area.  I can’t wait to see what grows from her mind and what she becomes in the years ahead.  I’m glad I am here to witness it and share in it though!

I will be sure to share the finished product friends!

Grace is a gift,





One thought on “My Child’s Creative Mind Beginning

  1. I love that you are grabbing on to your gift to be able to give her attention–not just listen–but being truly attentive. Children have the best of imaginations and need encouragement. Beautiful job Mama!


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