It felt fine. I liked it.

I spent one day this week feeling in pure bliss.  I had mentioned to my husband  during the day it was a great day.  (He was probably shocked on the other end of the phone!) After supper that evening he asked me what made it so great.  I replied, “it just was” with a smile upon my face.  I didn’t really accomplish anything extraordinary on this day.  I didn’t close a deal or super clean the house or walk 15,000 steps.  I just felt good, calm, and at peace all day with all the things I did do.  Those included walking over 10,000 steps, writing a couple of blog posts, taking my daughter to school, emptying the dishwasher, spending time in God’s word, and a few other more mundane things.  It just felt fine.  I liked it.

The next day was pretty good as well, although my day included working.  As I mentioned here I am still in the insurance business but on a part-time basis.  I spent my entire morning at a prospect’s farm.  It was an old family friend and it was enjoyable to visit and view the surroundings that I had spent my childhood.  By the time I got home and the little one made her way to hug my waist before scurrying into the house, I was feeling a little under the weather.  I decided to just chill.  To just take the time to sit on the couch, skip the chores and the homework for now and starting supper and watch a movie with her.  As the movie started she snuggled into the crook of my arm and stayed there for almost the entire movie.  We also started a craft while watching the movie that she has had since March.  That was nice.  It felt fine.  I liked it.


Teaching and Loving

My personality, normally is in the mode of lists, planning, completing tasks, and then you can have fun.  The past couple days that wasn’t the case.  I just let life fall as it did and you know what.  It turned out just fine.  In fact today I feel more energized than I have lately even though I think I am fighting off a cold.  In fact, my daughter and I argued less.  My husband didn’t seem so tense at times.  Also, the world did not end by eating frozen pizza and ice cream sandwiches for supper! 🙂

The things that were truly important were taken care of.  I loved on others, I relaxed, I spent time in God’s word, I fed, bathed, read stories and devotions, and left the computer behind most of the time.  Perhaps a new trend in our home, I’m sure it won’t be like this daily, but we can begin again with each new day.

I encourage you to enjoy the little things, sometimes just sit with the ones you love, and eat the junkiest food you have in the house for supper, at least once!

Grace is a gift,






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