In His Time – It Shall be Filled

There’s a house.  It’s empty.  The last occupants that resided there, they’ve moved onto another destination in God’s plan for them.  But when they were here, they filled the house and yard and surrounding church with laughter, along with many other things.  Children’s laughter, and when you drove by there were toys in the front yard.  Evidence of some littles filling this  house with memories and a height chart I do believe!  Now this house is quiet and nothing in the yard.  No activity comes from it.  Only the occasional package being delivered onto the front porch for the church next door.

As I walked by tonight I recalled the Christmas goodies the members would enjoy during Advent, the welcoming birth of two littles, and hot chocolate being served or a lemonade stand along the country road by the oldest two daughters.  The dog in the back yard, greeting anyone that was near him.  The gathering of many people to pack up and load a truck so they could make their way to a new home.  A new church.  They are settling in from what I hear, and although some days I truly miss them more than others, I know that is where they are meant to be.

Our congregation has had many great Pastors lead them in years gone by.  I have only been here long enough to meet two.  I can’t speak for the other members, only myself, but I’m longing for that solid figure leading our church.  The one the Lord will send us in His time.  This congregation has been here for many years and they are strong, they are like the   brick that make  up the exterior walls, they stick together no matter what lies ahead.  But that figure, the one that helps guide us regularly, lead us to a place when we are questioning or unsure, I long for that person to come.  I know the Lord is my Shepard, but as in our bible study this week, humans help care for the flock through the Holy Spirit.

Praying for guidance, strength, care, and openness for our church to help the one that comes.  Whether they fill the house with toys, children, dog, cat, wife, or just themselves.  May they feel much love, joy, and care from this congregation.  And may this congregation express the true Fruit’s of the Spirit to them with open arms.
Grace is a gift,




2 thoughts on “In His Time – It Shall be Filled

  1. Yesterday was a HUGE missing you day for me! I cannot wait for November to get here!
    I have to tell you, I read the first paragraph three times trying to figure out if I knew which house you were talking about. Know that we are praying fervently for you and for your new pastor!


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