Perception of Heaven – Through My Child’s Eyes

On a regular basis, as my youngest daughter and I take the drive to school, the sky before us is a beautiful scene.  The clouds and sun are united as one or sometimes there is just a peak of glow from the sun as it was today.  She saw it first.  She told me to look and of course I knew what she was wanting me to look at before her sentence was finished.  It’s a tradition, a common act in our day.  To spot the sun and thank God for the beauty he has presented us with.

Today her words went something like this (to my surprise).

Her: ” See the squiggly lines? See the sun coming out.  Heaven is like that. Golden and clouds.”

Me: “Ya think so?” 

Her: “Yep.”

My mind began to wonder just a bit as I stared out the window to the beauty before me.  The young child beside me knows of Heaven, knows of God, and I am glad for that.  I am not sure she completely encompasses the sacrifice that was given for her, me, and you, but she is on the road to knowing.   She doesn’t talk of Heaven much, probably more now than before since in the past year we have attended two funerals of family members. 

With each new day she is becoming more aware and a world that I sometimes don’t want her to see, she will.  I can only hope that the foundation we are building her life on will give her the confidence to withstand what lies ahead.  I hope she learns to turn to God in times of affliction and tribulation.  For he is the true comforter.

Hearing her talk of Heaven and looking at her expression, which had a small smile on it made this Momma’s heart full. 

Grace is a gift,



Rev 21:1-4

(Don’t worry, her Dad was driving when I took the photo.)



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