Recent Weekend Joys

Weekend of Joys

This weekend was about spending time with family and it wasn’t even planned that much!  On Friday night we headed to watch my nephew play high school football.  My sister was so excited we were coming!  I’m not much of a football fan, but I knew it would make three special people happy.  My youngest daughter, my nephew, and my sister!  So off we went and the weather was great!  It was a good time by all, well perhaps not the other team, they lost! Go Cardinals!


On Saturday my youngest and I headed to a one year old’s birthday party.  It was so much fun!  Beautiful weather once again and Miss K. is absolutely a delight as is her family!  We love them!  In fact, I was able to meet Miss K’s grandma and great grandma (GiGi) and you know what?  I now know why Miss K’s mother is as delightful as she is!  Generation from generation it has been passed down to be joyous, good-hearted, and purely hospitable!  

We headed off to our annual pumpkin patch that afternoon. Our granddaughter was to go but was unable to at the last-minute.  That was a non-joy but Grandma got her a pumpkin anyway!  The time has come that our 6-year-old is able to go on the huge pillows and jump alone!  I think Dad was a little sad, but Mom was proud!  He did go the first time, but after that she basically slumped him off, and found a new friend to jump with! I don’t think Dad’s body minded though! 🙂 Our daughter chose a 23 pound pumpkin folks!  Yea, it’s huge!


pp pumpkins 


That evening we watched a movie and had homemade caramel popcorn. What a great way to end the fun times!

I cherished this time with my husband, for I know as of right now as I type this post he is heading to the field to begin sowing wheat.  This is our livelihood and our income.  He is a farmer and so this time of year is busier than normal.  Wheat sowing and fall harvest usually coincide together.  Fall harvest includes corn, milo, and soybeans for our family farm.  Most all of the corn is done, and soybeans is next for us.  The days will be early and long, way past our little girl’s bedtime.  Mom duty kicks into high gear and so I am thankful I work the schedule I do now.

Bringing myself up to today, my joys are already abundant.  First thing this morning I got up early and as I was on my walk my view included a glorious sunrise.  It was absolutely lovely and this photo really doesn’t do it justice.  I walked a different route that I found to be quite nice.  Quiet, no traffic, and there weren’t many houses, so there were fields on all sides with wide views of nature.  I accomplished four miles today, and that is a lot for me in one stretch.  I was feeling good! 🙂



Our time at church was a blessing a usual and my husband made lunch. I mean who could ask for more, right?  Homemade fajitas! When I say homemade, I mean our own beef cooked to perfection!  After that I enlisted youngest daughter to help me put together some stuff for our upcoming church directory.  I think it’s important to incorporate children into things while you do them.  When I cook or bake I normally have her with me or if we go out to a field to examine it she is with us.  Lessons aren’t always learned in a book or classroom folks!

Church help

Then we enjoyed ice cream sandwiches and she basically whooped my hiney in a lot of card games!  I’m thinking I should move onto poker, I could win more often in that game!  🙂 


Card playing fun

Needless to say I had many joys this weekend and I wanted to share them and document them.  My memory isn’t what it used to be, as I showed during the memory card game I played with said 6-year-old! 🙂

I hope your weekend was filled with many joys!  God bless you all!

Grace is a gift,




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