Simple Prayers

I’m curious, do you have a go to prayer you use often?  One that encompasses all that you want to address.  I have a few prayer lines I use daily.  I thought I would share them as the subjects have laid on my heart alot in the past couple days.  They are the dearest ones to me on this Earth.  As a wife and mother, we have control in many situations (or so we think), but there are so many times that in reality we do not.  I find myself turning more to prayer these days, as letting go of the control is what I need to do.  I need to lower my expectations a degree or two and let life happen.  

For my husband:

God, may he be the man you want him to be, and may I accept all that is. I ask for protection and safety for him today.

For my children:

God, please watch over and protect my children and their families.  May they draw closer to you verses farther away.

 Sometimes it hurts as I pray, for it makes me think of the reality of things.  On occasion that pain is because of my own doing, other times it’s choices my family members are making.  Either way, I find prayer to be a healing place.  

I encourage you to try it out.  Start small.  Start simple.  God will listen.

Grace is a gift,


3 thoughts on “Simple Prayers

  1. Prayers…Hmmm… I’m that woman you never want to ask for prayer because I’m so long winded. I love the freedom of pouring my heart out to Him and I get lost in it forgetting everything else. It’s constant, so it’s really hard for me to have short concise prayers. It’s a goal I’d love to accomplish, so I don’t have to hide in the back of the room so no one calls on me to pray.
    Still a work in progress 🙂


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