Moving through Transition

As we move through this transition period, I find myself growing in ways I never knew existed.  I am encompassing the importance of daily prayer and bible time.  Taking this and molding it into my life brings me peace.  Which leads me to slowly begin the change of habits that aren’t so lovely within me.  For example, I tend to push when arguing with my spouse, I make things more than they need to be.  I find myself now, starting that habit, and then when seeing the same results upon his face, I think to myself a few little words.  “Is it worth this effort and time, is it that important, and will it make things change?”  Recently I find myself choosing to just relax and move to another subject or occupy my mind with something else. 

I don’t know if it’s the submission part of being a wife, which by the way I have never ever handled well.  Those words tends to send sparks up my spine.  Not so much anymore, not since finding a place of peace in my life.  It could be that reading the word has brought more peace, I’m going with that, it’s a tad bit easier to swallow.  🙂  

I find myself feeling more comfortable in this thing called life, and a tad more confident in areas I didn’t before.  I am still stumbling in the area of feeling qualified when in the midst of certain groups of people but I also know the love that comes from other women of friendship that help lick the wounds.  I don’t need built up all the time via words and cards and contact.  I’m 43 years old and I am realizing that my true happiness doesn’t come from others, it doesn’t necessarily come from myself.  It comes from knowing my one true God.

I’m a work in progress, but I hope I can continue this learning journey, as I feel it has strengthened my life and brought contentment in my daily living. 

Grace is a gift,




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