Honesty Days

Honesty Days


1. Sometimes the 6 year old is smarter than the 43 year old.

2. After 11 years of marriage to a farmer, I still sometimes mess-up times of harvests. Normally soybeans and milo.

3. Jealousy.  I have some with friends, then I smack myself up side the head and say “get a clue.”

4. Sitting farther up in the church santuary,  not only let’s you hear better, but let’s everyone know when you need to use the restroom during the service!

5. Cardboard.  It’s becoming a permanent feature in my home. Don’t be surprised if you come by to visit and I offer you a chair out of it.

6. I’ve registered to sell jams/jellies at a local craft fair. First time for everything, right?

7. After two regular births of children from this body, and the age of 43 upon me, sneezing is  alot more work than it used to be.  (Oh please,  I know you understand what I’m sayn’)

8.Leading the upcoming bible study lesson, I’m a little…. whats the word?  Anxious.

9. Sometimes, if you look at the clouds you will see a Shark Turtle.  Yes you will, just ask the 6 year old in the backseat! (Head is a shark & body is a turtle, do ya see it now?)

10. I am an over user of the words “I LOVE YOU” to my 6 year old.  Just ask her, she will tell you!

I hope at least one of these got you to giggle or you found your head nodding yes as you read it!

Grace is  a gift,





3 thoughts on “Honesty Days

  1. 1. Dito (no need to say any more).
    2. Dito 3 crops of hay? Who could keep it straight? We grew soy beans and quino for the first time this year. Exciting! What do you use milo for? I’m so curious.
    3. Dito
    4. I’m the only one who likes to stand during worship in a small church. If I stand up front, then people can see me. But if I go in the back then everyone can hear me singing. It’s a loose-loose.
    5. Not quite there yet, but close
    6. Not that brave. But baked bread for the fair this year.
    7. Three of mine were natural. It’s like loosing a lung sometimes. (Yeah, as a health care provider, I have a vivid imagination–nothing’s off limits sometimes…)
    8. I was MOST anxious when the hubs lead his first study.
    9. Okay…you finally lost me. Just when I was thinking you were so relatable.
    10. Dito. And kisses. You left out kisses.
    Totally nodding 🙂
    Have a blessed day,
    Deborah @ Growing In His Grace


  2. Not just sneezing, but those unexpected coughs, where you try to balance keeping everything in that should be in while getting everything out that should be out. Try not to mess those two up!
    If you have any extra cardboard…it’s what we’re getting our youngest for Christmas and for her birthday. 🙂
    I am so glad you are doing the fair thing! Fabulous!


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