Road Trips And Friendships

This weekend I am heading to meet up with a few agriculture bloggers.  Just a fun weekend for the girls that could make their way to our destination.  I am super excited because I have only met one of them face to face.  In this virtual world you can create a certain type of friendship, but I think it will make our relationships iron clad when we are able to talk, eat, laugh, and adventure out into the world together!  

Normally when  I am getting ready to head off on a trip, whether with my family, friends, or myself I tend to get somewhat jittery and nervous.  It doesn’t matter the destination or who I am going with.  But this time, I’m totally ready and no jitters.  Perhaps it is because I have found myself recently more relaxed and calm, with more time on my hands.  I don’t know what it is but I’m glad for it.  

So, when you go on a road trip, do you like to have it all planned out or are you a spur of the moment kinda person?  I am a planner but less so than I used to be.  I am hoping this winter to “plan a little” day road trip with my husband in our great state.  He has more time in the winter and hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you make lots of memories, smile tons, and while you are at it, take some photos! 🙂

Grace is  a gift,



5 thoughts on “Road Trips And Friendships

  1. Julie,
    How exciting! I haven’t been on a road trip for awhile. Yes, I definitely like it planned. I like to have it all planned out where I’m staying, where I’ll be getting fuel.
    Meeting that person face to face can make the friendship better or worse I think.
    Safe travels!


  2. So good to see you this weekend! Thanks for stopping in! And I did notice that you were more relaxed and on a “flow” than a tight schedule. Happy for you! Enjoy! Love you!!xo


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