Daddy Choices -Letter to Youngest

Dear Youngest Daughter,

I’ve been away for a couple of days.  This is good for me and for you.  It gave you quality time with Daddy, and that my dear is truly a treasure!  Upon my return, I received the bestest hug ever!  You were thrilled I was home and that makes your Mommy’s heart so full of gratitude!  Your weekend wasn’t boring from what I can tell.

Your first sleepover at a friend’s house, including McDonald’s and glow in the dark balloons! I’m sure this will begin the often asked question…. “can I sleep over or can such and such sleep over.”  It will only last another 12 years probably, so I better get used to it!  🙂  Those 12 years I know will pass before I know it, and I will think back to this day, when the hug was so tight and your smile was as huge as the sun!  A tear may fall, but it only changes to where I view you from.  From a far I will see you grow to be someone I can be proud of.  Someone that will make mistakes, learn from them, endure what lies ahead, and succeed at loving and being loved I hope.

Your time with Daddy was spent not in the tractor sowing wheat, but at events in town and a trip to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge.  No longer feeling fear to climb the tall tower you reached the top where you could see what you probably think is so very far.  When in reality, it’s just a small section of this world.  Be sure to travel, experience, and try new things, all while remembering  these treasured moments with Daddy.  Rounding out the day with a fire and smores, only to spend the following afternoon carving and painting pumpkins.  Your Daddy is a farmer, a little wet weather gave him the opportunity to spend time with you, but honestly, he would have chosen it whether it was wet or not.  That’s a treasure my youngest daughter, never forget that. 

My time away was refreshing and full of stimulating conversations.  Being a Mommy is sometimes hard, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  When God chose me to be your Mommy, I was the lucky one.  May you always remember your childhood, may the memories be passed onto your children, and generations thereafter.

Dear Youngest Daughter, I love you.  Mommy

Grace is  a gift,


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