83 and still feeling good.

I realized now that I have been doing this gig over here at Pushing Forward with Grace for 83 days, I really like it.  Oh sure there are days I am thinking “what am I going to write about?”  But for the most part I am not feeling pressure and writing from my heart.  I am able to write for me, and write whatever I feel is moving me.  It’s like therapy in a way. Doesn’t cost much either! 🙂

I don’t even look at my stats.  Seriously. Did you know that bloggers have stats they can review, to see how many times their post has been visited. But this blog, its in hopes of growing and learning along the way, and to document events in my life that perhaps I will want to review later. I’m glad I decided to start Pushing Forward with Grace, I’m not sure what will happen after 365 days of writing on it.  If it will continue or stop.  I will worry about that later. For now I am in for the next 282 posts, how about you?

I am thankful for those of  you that visit the blog, read my posts, and I love the comments letting me into your world alittle!  I have had positive feedback and that is always encouraging.   Do you journal or work through your life events via writing?  

Grace is a gift,


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