Focal points

When I was in labor with my children I didn’t take a specific item to the hospital to use for my focal point. I chose to use the clock or whatever lovely decor was upon the wall. When the contractions would begin I set my eyes and mind upon that item. Focusing on that one thing enabled me to endure some of the worse physical pain I have ever felt.  That is two times in my life I needed focal points.

As I looked out the window of my vehicle this week nothing but beauty came into my sight from the eastern sky.  As I sat in awe the subject of today crossed my mind.  Focal points.


The fact that focal points aid us.   We can have focal points in our view on a daily basis. They will enable us to be better, work harder, slow down, ponder more or less, or remember things. Your choice you pick.

I have decided the daily sunrises are a focal point for me.  It reminds me of the One True God’s glory and that He should be my main focal point above all other things. Another thing I have chosen is that I should read the Word daily. So on those days the sun may not be so visible, my mind will remember, He is still with me. Whether in the light or dark, He will be with me.

Do you have focal points in your life?  I’m interested to know how you stay focused in this world, feel free to comment. 
Grace is  a gift,



One thought on “Focal points

  1. Julie,
    I agree that solid focal points are a good foundation for life. I would have to say faith is one of my focal points. I thank God everyday for the abundance of blessings in my life. Just thinking about the fact that all of my basic human needs are abundantly meet and my wants are abundantly meet puts into perspective how blessed I am.

    Another grounding focal point is the work I do. As you know, being a ranch or farm wife is a big task and requires many hats. Being a wife or rancher are each are big jobs; God has asked and guided me to be both! I enjoy working outside and with the livestock it grounds me.

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